With a family trained in the art of the empanada, Karina's mom, Haydeé, and grandma taught her to create a superb traditional dish. Following all the calls from past centuries, Karina decided to leap into the world of quality food with her latest venture: Argentinian Empanadas on the Grill with tximitxurri Basque sauce.


Buenos Aires

The Beginning


Karina started cooking at age 10, helping her mother prepare meals for the family. Tximitxurri sauce, which was adopted from the Basque into Spanish as chimichurri, was a must have with Sunday’s lunch. Karina's mother had learned how to make the sauce from grandma following a traditional family recipe dating back to the 1800's. It was young Karina who started pouring the sauce on the empanadas as the old Basque used to do in past centuries. Years later she traveled the world in search of her family origins and hoping to perfect her cooking techniques. It was then that she mastered the old recipe for empanadas that had been kept in the family for ages.


Buenos Aires

The First Venture


Using her savings from a family real state investment, Karina opened her first Boutique Lounge in Buenos Aires where the high end stiletto shoes and leather bags store neighbored a café-lounge serving amazing empanadas with chimichurri prepared on the grill.

The trend was as good as successful because she incorporated some of the traditional flavors her mother had inspired in her. The empanadas were just decadent and impossible to resist.


A New Challenge


Karina searched for a new trend in the food industry, where people can get a healthy high end snack, meal or just appetizer in the form of a delicious, flaky, high quality pastry that can be eaten everywhere anytime.

Now once again, a traditional family recipe from the 1800's is available in the most perfected way, bringing taste, flavors and sensations galore.

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